Event Rules

All Summit County 50+ Winter Games participants must read the rules for all events in which they plan to participate.

The following rules are binding on all athletes competing in the Summit County 50+ Open Winter Games. Rule changes published on the website may occur at any time until the Monday one week prior to the first competition. Rules for subsequent events may be changed beginning on Wednesday immediately following the competition.

Athletes are obliged to review all rules prior to the games. Each athlete shall agree to abide by these rules when making application to compete in the Summit County 50+ Open Winter Games. Any athlete determined to be in non-compliance with these rules will be disqualified from the event(s) where the non-compliance took place.


Each competitor shall have attained the age of fifty years on or before Monday, the first day of Winter Games Competition. Other than for competitors who attain the age of 50 between January 1 and the Monday on which the Winter Games commence, age will be determined as of December 31 of the immediate past year. (See ”Age Category” below)

Age Category

Age categories shall be as follows: A: 50-54, B: 55-59, C: 60-64, D: 65-69, E: 70-74, F: 75-79, G: 80-84, H: 85-89, I: 90+.
For classification into Age Categories for competition, each person shall have attained the appropriate age for that Age Category prior to January 1 of the year of the competition. The sole exception is Category A, where the competitor must have attained the age of fifty years on or before Monday, the first day of the Open Winter Games Competition.

First, second, and third place awards will be made for each contest, for each Gender, and for each Age Category. These awards generally are gold, silver, and bronze medals. Summit County 50+ Open Winter Games reserves the right to select and/or change the awards.

Awards will be made at a 3:00 pm ceremony on Tuesday, February 11, at the Summit County Senior and Community Center. Light refreshments will be served at the Awards Ceremony.

Lift Tickets

Keystone provides competitor tickets for $52 for the day.

Participants must provide their own equipment, except as stated in specific competition event descriptions below. All competition equipment must meet applicable industry standards and safety requirements. Winter Games Officials reserve the right to disqualify competitors using substandard equipment.

Bib Numbers

Bib Numbers will be used to record competition times and must be visible for competitor identification. Bibs may be worn across the chest or on a leg, but the number must be fully visible or times may be given to the wrong competitor.

Field Changes

Winter Games Officials reserve the right to make changes to event courses, times, and other aspects of winter games events as weather and other matters require for the safe completion of competitive events. Every effort shall be made to maintain equal conditions over the course of an event.


Officials, Winter Games Officials and Starters are volunteers appointed by the Summit County 50+ Open Winter Games Organizing Committee who manage, or assist with, starting, judging, timing, scoring or otherwise operating the competitive events of the Summit County 50+ Open Winter Games.


If a competitor wishes to lodge a protest about any aspect of an event, the protester must fill out a formal Protest Report. No protest will be considered without a formal, signed Protest Report. Protest Report Forms will be available upon request from Winter Games Officials.

It is also very important for the protestor to have other competitors fill out formal signed Protest Reports. It is obvious that a single protest against a competitor will not be upheld if the competitor denies the infraction.

Protests will be resolved by a Protest Committee consisting of the Winter Games Chairman and others he or she appoints. Decisions of the Protest Committee must be rendered before the applicable awards ceremony. Decisions of the Protest Committee are final.

Scheduling and Promptness

Winter Games organizers have taken great care to separate events so that contestants may compete in as many events as possible. But, Winter Games events are scheduled at public outdoor venues. Consequently, factors such as weather, other uses of the venue, etc., affect how long an event may be kept available for Winter Games contestants. Officials at individual start events will strive to keep each event open until all contestants have had an opportunity to compete in the event. However, Winter Games Officials reserve the right to shorten, reschedule, or cancel the open time of any event.

If an event must be closed before all contestants have competed, effort will be made to arrange for all contestants present at the closing to compete at a later time. Contestants not present at the closing of an event will not be allowed to compete later. Contestants are urged to appear promptly at an event starting line at the published start of the event. As stated above, closing times may vary. Published closing times are guides only and do not guarantee availability of the event.


Events are either individual start or mass start. Mass start events commence at a starter’s signal. For Individual start events, the clock starts either when the contestant passes a gate, or when the starter signals the start. Individual starts will be in order of competitors’ arrival at the start gate.
The starter must assure that the event timer is prepared to time the event, so it is mandatory that the contestant obey the starter’s signal. Early starts result in disqualification, except for “false starts” as described in the skating race rules.

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