Operation ProduceOverview

Sentenced inmates may be made Trustees. Trustees clean the Facility, do laundry, help prepare meals, clean dishes, paint, wash government vehicles and conduct work crews. Trustee labor normally accounts for approximately one full time employee worth
of manpower at the Summit County Recycling Center.

Trustees also help clean up after the animals at the Summit County Animal Shelter, pick up trash and debris alongside roads, shovel snow, conduct landscaping at County buildings, perform projects
for municipal governments and local historical societies, as well as assisting other local non-profits.

In 2009, the SCSO instituted “Operation Produce,” a program that transports Trustees to a farm in the Front Range to harvest fresh vegetables for use in the Detention Facility, as well as to donate to local food banks. All of these activities save manpower costs to the organizations since they do not have to hire additional employees to accomplish the work goals. Trustee labor may only be used by Government and Non-Profit organizations.

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