Marriage Licenses

Due to COVID-19 Countywide protocols, the Clerk's Office will be closed beginning Monday, March 16.  We will attempt to reopen as soon as possible.

I'm Getting Married!  What Do I Do?

Please read this page entirely before giving us a call or sending an e-mail to staff.  We've most likely answered your question here.  If not, don't hesitate to reach out and our clerks can assist you.
Obtaining your Colorado Marriage License is easier than you think, and we’re here to help!  Colorado Marriage Licenses may be used anywhere within the State of Colorado, but need to be returned for recording at the office where you applied.  Same-sex Marriage Licenses are now available in Colorado.  Witnesses are not required in the State of Colorado, and your Officiant does not need to be present at the time of application.  We do not need to see or verify and certification/ordination paperwork from your selected officiant.  There are no blood test prerequisites in Colorado.  The application process is quick - account for the process to take about 30 minutes start to finish once you're here, assuming there is no line at the front counter.  Save time: fill out your application ahead of time and bring it with you (more information in step 2).  There is NO waiting period to obtain your Marriage License, you'll be able to walk out with it in hand.

Step 1: Timeline

Marriage Licenses expire if they are not used within 35 days from the date of issuance from our office, so come in to apply no earlier than 35 days before your ceremony.  The Clerk & Recorder's Office is not open on weekends.  If you have planned a weekend ceremony, you’ll need to come into the office prior to your ceremony during the week.  We are unable to backdate Marriage Licenses.  There is no waiting period to obtain your Marriage License, you'll be able to walk out with it in hand.  Office hours are Mondays through Fridays, 8:00am-4:30pm for Marriage Licenses.  Plan accordingly!  Holiday closures are listed below:

2020 County Office Closures/Observed Holidays: (closure is for the entire day unless noted)
Election Day (Presidential Primary) - March 3
Memorial Day - May 25
Election Day (State Primary) - June 30
Independence Day - July 4
Labor Day - September 7
Indigenous Peoples' Day (formerly known as Columbus Day) - October 12
Election Day (General Election) - November 3
Veterans' Day - November 11
Thanksgiving Day & Day After - November 26 & 27
Christmas Eve - December 24 (open 8am-12pm, closed in afternoon)
Christmas Day - December 25

Step 2: Application & Payment

Give yourselves the better part of an hour when planning to come in to apply for your Marriage License.  Save some time and fill out this application form COMPLETELY.  Both parties to the marriage must be present at the time of application with valid photo ID that displays date of birth such as: Driver License (any State), Military ID, Passport, State-issued ID card.  We cannot accept Birth Certificates, Baptismal Certificates or Foreign Consular IDs.  You do NOT need to bring/show us your Social Security card, but you will need to submit your Social Security Number on your application.  Cost is $30 for the application and to receive to the License.  Certified copies cost an additional $3.00 each.

We have marriage applications and requirements in Spanish!
Tenemos aplicaciones y requisitos del matrimonio en Español.

Each situation is unique, here are some “what-if’s”:

If one person can’t make it to the application, fill out this Absentee AffidavitImportant: have it notarized and bring it into the office with a clear copy of the absent applicant’s ID.
If you’ve been married before, we’ll need some additional information.  Check out the application for exactly what information we’ll need.  If you've been Divorced multiple times, or Divorced and Widowed, please only provide us with the most recent event information.  You do not need to bring your Divorce Decree or proof of being a widow or widower, just provide the information on the application.
If you don’t have a Social Security Number, you’ll need to fill out a Social Security Number Affidavit and submit it at the time of application.
You want certified copies: we highly recommend purchasing at least three certified copies at the time of application for $3.00 each, especially if you plan on changing your name.  You can always purchase more at a later time.  When it comes time to pay for your License, we’ll give you the opportunity to purchase some.

We accept cash, checks with photo ID and debit/credit cards.  Please note there is an additional convenience charge for debit/credit cards.

Step 3: Get Married!

How you want to solemnize your marriage is your choice.  Staff can provide you with a sample of how to fill out your Certificate at the time of application.  If you require assistance in how to take the other party’s last name in your signature, ask a staff member.  There are three different routes:
  • Civil Ceremony: Overseen by a judge, retired judge, magistrate or another official certified to oversee and solemnize marriages.  To set up an appointment with a Summit County Court judge, you’ll need to make an appointment in advance by calling (970) 453-2272 or visiting the Clerk of Courts window at the Justice Center at 501 North Park Avenue during business hours.  The judge will perform your ceremony and sign the Marriage Certificate.
  • Religious Ceremony: Overseen by any ordained individual.  Click here for a list of Officiants that we know of, or you can contact a local church of your choice.  The Officiant will perform your ceremony and sign the Marriage Certificate.  If you have an Ordained Officiant of your choice from outside of Colorado, there are no requirements/paperwork/certifications for your Marriage License application with our office.  They do not need to be present at the time of application, we will provide the applicants (the couple) with a sample to show the Officiant how to sign the Colorado Marriage License properly.
  • Self-Solemnization: Overseen by the parties to the marriage themselves, without an Officiant or Judge.  This can be explained in further detail when you arrive to apply for your License.

Step 4: Record Your License

When the Marriage License has been filled out completely and signed, return it to the Clerk & Recorder's office to be recorded.  You can mail it back to us or return it by mail.  Please note that we do not accept U.S. Mail to our physical address, only UPS or FedEx.  If utilizing U.S. Mail, please mail it to our P.O. Box.  By Colorado law, you have 63 days to return the License to our office.  We will record the License, make any certified copies, and return your original License to you.  We'll remind you upon recordation, but in case you mail your License back for recordation: your original Marriage License and Certificate (all one page) are irreplaceable.  Utilize certified copies for legal needs/mailing off for name changes - we highly discourage mailing your original for these purposes as you may not get it back from whomever you mailed it to.

Requesting Additional Certified Copies

If you were issued a Colorado Marriage License from Summit County, e-mail our office with the following information to request additional certified copies for $3.00 each:
FULL NAMES OF BOTH PARTIES (If one party had a maiden name at the time, please indicate that name for that party).
RECEPTION # (if you have it)
YOUR PHONE NUMBER (we will contact you for payment and mailing purposes)
Note: We can only fulfill requests for Marriage Licenses that were issued and recorded in Summit County.  If your ceremony took place in Summit County, but you visited another County's Clerk & Recorder Office to apply for your Marriage License, you must contact that County Clerk's Office as they are the custodian of your record.

Officiating a Marriage

Proof of ordination, Officiant contact information, being present at the time of application are NOT necessary for our office to issue a Colorado Marriage License.

Common Law Marriage

If you’re looking for information on Common Law Marriage in Colorado, click here to go to the Colorado Attorney General’s website for further details.  If you need an affidavit, click here.  If you’d like to record the affidavit in our office, visit us during business hours.  Standard recording fees will apply.  Note the affidavit needs to be signed in the presence of a Notary with verifiable photo ID.  We have Notaries on staff here at our office.

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