Mentor Spotlight

Every other month, we shine the spotlight on a new Mountain Mentor who's making a difference in the life of a Summit County child or teen.

Mentor:  Alyssa Kuge

Alyssa mentors Kaileen


I grew up in Aurora, Colorado and have always wanted to live in the mountains and be involved in the community. I am the acupuncturist at Chiropractic Health and Acupuncture in Frisco and am living my dream of helping people heal safely and naturally.

What led you to become a Mentor?

After moving to Silverthorne, I was looking for volunteer opportunities in the county. One of my friends suggested Mountain Mentors so I applied and was able to start the program pretty quickly.

Alyssa and Kaileen 2

What do you enjoy most about being a Mentor?

I enjoy spending time with Kaileen and exploring together. She is so funny and smart - I've learned a lot from her. 

How does mentoring fit into your life?

Even though Kaileen and I are pretty busy, we are always able to find time to meet. I believe there is always enough time for the important things.

What is a favorite activity you have done as a Mentor?

We both like doing handstands and cartwheels no matter where we are. I usually tire out faster than Kaileen so one of my other favorite activities is spending time at the animal shelter with her. We enjoy playing with the cats and walking dogs around outside.

Do you have advice for someone who is considering becoming a Mentor?

DO IT! Mountain Mentors is a very flexible program and the kids are awesome.

Mentee: Kaileen

What do you like best about having a Mentor?

I like that I get out of the house and I get to have fun with an enjoyable person.

Kristy - Kaileen's Mom

What do you appreciate most about your daughter’s mentor?

I like Alyssa’s desire to be involved with so many aspects of Kaileen’s life, from school to community to sports.