Mentor Spotlight

Every other month, we shine the spotlight on a new Mountain Mentor who's making a difference in the life of a Summit County child or teen.

Mentor:  Chelsea Rybak

Chelsea mentors Rachel


I grew up in Summit County, Colorado and have been lucky enough to call Summit County home for my entire life even now into adulthood. I love living in the mountains and doing anything outdoors especially skiing, biking, camping and rafting.  I attended Summit Cove Elementary as the first Kindergarten class. I graduated Summit High School in 2009 and went to Colorado State University for 4 years to study Hospitality Management and Business. I moved back to the county after my college graduation when offered an event position at the Keystone Neighbourhood Company and have worked for the company for the last 3 1/2 years.  

What led you to become a Mentor?

I wanted to become a mentor because growing up in the county I wanted to give back to my community and I have a passion for kids. From growing up in this community, I realized how important it was that I had influential adults in my life that helped shape who I am today and I wanted to be that person to other kids that helps them get through the tough times and cheer for them during the good times. 

What do you enjoy most about being a Mentor?

I enjoy being able to be a part of the program from the program coordinators to the other mentors and mentees and of course, Rachel. You get to watch your mentee along with other mentors and mentees grow and change over time while doing fun activities. Rachel and I get to do so many amazing things together while each growing and learning from each other. Rachel makes my life better everyday and to have an 11 year old do that is pretty unique.
January mentor of the month

Chelsea & Rachel

How does mentoring fit into your life?

Mentoring easily fits into my life. When I do not get to see Rachel after a week or so, I start anxiously waiting the next time we plan to hang out. Mentoring has become a part of my day to day life and I enjoy getting to spend time with Rachel and all of the other kids and mentors in the program.  

What is a favorite activity you have done as a Mentor?

There are so many awesome activities we have gotten to experience from Rockies Game, ice skating, horseback riding and rock climbing but my favorite activity was the Amazing Race put on by the program. Driving around doing fun activities and looking for clues with Rachel and other mentors and mentees was so fun and completely played to my competitive side!

Do you have advice for someone who is considering becoming a Mentor?

My advice to someone who is considering becoming a Mentor is to not be scared of the process. All of the kids are just looking for someone to spend time with that is going to invest into their lives. You just have to show up and have fun with them, it is that easy! 

Mentee: Rachel


What do you like best about having a Mentor?

When me and Chelsea met we were Kinda quit but after a few mouths we have Kinda brought out the goofy in both of Us. We have had so much fun after 8 months Witch my favorite part was Our Rockies Ball Game with the Mountain Mentors we have been a perfect match we have the same family and love the same things and being broadcasted  was awesome and i love it  the mountain mentors program is cool and so exciting and thanks for mentor of the month!

Rachel's Mom

What do you appreciate most about your daughter’s mentor?

I love having Chelsea as Rachel’s mentor. Not only does she spend time with Rachel, she also helps to smooth out some of the rough spots that come along with being a single parent.