Summit County Public Works Division

  1. Engineering

    The Engineering Department administers the county's floodplain regulations, road and bridge standards, grading and excavation regulations and water quality standards.

  2. Facilities Maintenance

    The Facilities Maintenance Department is responsible for repair and upkeep of County buildings.

  3. Landfill & Recycling

    The Summit County Resource Allocation Park (SCRAP) includes a landfill, recycling facility and compost operations.

  4. Road & Bridge

    The Road and Bridge Department is responsible for year-round maintenance of roadways and recreational pathways in unincorporated areas of Summit County.

  5. Snake River WWTP

    The Snake River Wastewater Treatment Plant serves the Snake River Valley, including Summit Cove and Keystone.

  6. Weed Control

    The Summit County Weed Control Department identifies and manages noxious weeds on County lands, works with partner agencies on their weed control, and conducts community outreach and education.